Anderson High School

The Wigwam, seats 8,996.

Gym gems: The city of Anderson has its roots in an Indian village founded on the city site in 1800 by Chief William Anderson, whose mother was a Delaware Indian and father was of Swedish descent. The basketball Indians are known for their tough defense and sensational pregame warm-up routines and halftime shows. The Indian theme may be offensive to some, but the presentation is heartfelt and done with respect.

Memorable moments: The Wigwam has had its share of basketball glory and tragedy. The original gym was destroyed by fire in 1958. The new Wigwam, which opened in 1961, is the second-largest high school gym in the USA. Anderson High moved to a new location in 1997, but the Wigwam is still used for games. The old school caught fire in 1999, and the upper floors were destroyed. The Wigwam was damaged in the blaze but has been repaired.

Names you might recognize: Kojak Fuller of Anderson scored 69 points in the two-game 1992 Indiana Hall of Fame Classic, including 10 of 12 free throws in the final three minutes of the first game. Also, four Indiana Mr. Basketball winners played here: Johnny Wilson, 1946; Roy Taylor, 1974; Troy Lewis, 1984; Maurice Fuller, 1993.

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Dedication Game (1962) of Wigwam

Anderson vs Madison Heights . (picture by Jerry Levi Frost, AHS graduate 1951)

The new Wigwam

(picture by Jerry Levi Frost, AHS graduate 1951)

Anderson Wigwam - 1970’s (photo by Jack Rensel)

AHS Basketball Team Photo 1963-1964

(picture by Jerry Levi Frost, AHS graduate 1951)

AHS Basketball team Photo, 1963-64. (f.r.) Frank Cornelius, John York;  (m.r.) Lee Zink, Steve Clevenger, Steve Barnett, Bob Lewis, David Browning, John Wallace (b.r.) Coach Ray Estes, Terry wiley, Kenny Johnson, Tom Harvey, Bill Mauck, John Grubb, Asst Coach Don Barnett.

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